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New online shop for intelligent dog (cats, rabbit, ferret) games:






My Intelligent Pets® brings innovative dog games to the market.



Love for Pets and intense focus on his own dog gave Andreas Citak, founder of My Intelligent Pets®, the idea to develop games for Pets that will not only serve as a pastime, but will also promote the dog's mental abilities. When you play with your dog you strengthen the mutual contact between you and your pet and you achieve a very good coexistence that also affects the obedience of your dog. Selected range of dog games is now available online at






The aim of Dog' SUDOKU® is to find a hidden reward by moving pieces of the game board. Dog' SUDOKU® is suitable for both large and small Pets. The SUDOKU game is available in three sizes and versions (with different difficulty levels) and can therefore be adjusted to the skill level of your dog or his learning progress.






Pet’s WHEEL OF FORTUNE: The challenge of this dog game is to move a wheel vertically. The dog has to spin a drum-shaped wheel using his snout or his paw until treats fall out through holes in the wheel.






Experts recommend My Intelligent Pets®



"Pets love to be occupied in a meaningful way. A proper occupation helps to relieve stress and strengthen the healthy mind of your dog. My Intelligent Pets® games have a positive effect on your dog's behaviour", said Laurent Amann MSc., animal whisperer with a degree in behavioral biology, about intelligent and sensitive dealing with Pets.






Veterinarian Mag. Ingrid Brada: "Dog' SUDOKU provides a good foundation to keep your dog mentally fit. Pets have to face small challenges that they are able to cope with all their lifetime, in order to stay active and to better deal with new situations. We know, by experience, that most Pets who work with their owners, are easier to bring up and less afraid."






High-quality workmanship



The dog games are made from natural, safe and high-quality materials. Solid execution ensures a long life cycle. To guarantee it, we select our suppliers and manufacturers very carefully.






„Unleash a Genius in your Pet!"“
With the new offer from My Intelligent Pets® dog lovers get an exclusive choice of appropriate products, so that they can give their Pets the best. „Your and your dog's great mood from playing with My Intelligent Pets® products will quickly transfer to your environment, your family and your friends“, says Andreas Citak, fully convinced, and he announces more innovative dog games to come in the future. Dog lovers should add this link to their favourites:






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