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My Intelligent Pets

Carousel of Bones

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Carousel of Bones

This fun game is in a form of a disk adorned by a bone-shaped movable platform, where tasty treats are hidden. We consider this puzzle as a step for more challenging games in your journey to unleashing a genius within your pet. It’s one of the favorite games of pet trainers and veterinary professionals alike.

With 10 bricks (hats and cylinders) included in this game and additional hiding places for goodies that can be exposed, this game is a real treat for both a parent and his pet!

How to play:

1. Hide your dog’s favorite treat in various places (under “hats” and “cylinders”, inside of the indentations under the” bone carousel”. Make sure your pet observes you while you are doing it. 

2. Encourage verbally your dog to look for the hidden treats.

3. The treat will be found under the “cylinder” by knocking it down with a paw or a nose and in the case of the “hat” by moving it in its track to the position where the “hat” can be lifted revealing the treat. Additional drawers can be opened by pulling on the string attached to them.

4. Make sure to praise your dog each time he/she finds a treat.

Additional information

Dimensions: 14”x14”x2”

Weight: 3lb

All our games and puzzles are made from certified wood covered with a water-based varnish that is not harmful to humans and animals. Please keep the game dry and free of water exposure, as the wooden pieces may swell otherwise. Use only dry treats for playing with our games 

Keep out of reach of small children since removable parts can be a choking hazard to them.

  • "Help with dog's health balance and mental stimulation."

  • "Boosts pet's natural instinct of curiosity, drive to play, and sense of smell!"

  • "Made of high quality wood covered with water-based varnish that is safe for humans and animals"

  • "Trains your pet's concentration and dexterity"

My Intelligent Pets received a 2022 Pet Innovation Award for "Pet's Piano!":

"Very solid product - The Pet's Piano by is a unique and entertaining toy that will keep your pet entertained for hours. It's entertaining for our pet and for us :D", Marcin, USA

"Must buy! - The Pet's Piano is a great way to bond with your pet and keep them happy and healthy. I'm impressed with the Pet's Piano by, it's well-made and my pet loves it.", Anna L, USA

"What a fun! - My pet absolutely loves playing with the Pet's Piano - it's durable and easy to use. The variety of keys and sounds on the Pet's Piano make it a great tool for stimulating your pet's mind.", Cami Bolesky, Canada

My Intelligent Pets Piano presents your dog with a unique challenge. Unlike flat board puzzles where the dog moves tiles with its nose or paw to get the reward, with this game the dog must work vertically and horizontally to get the treats. 

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